Ministry updates.

Phew! What a crazy (but awesome) couple of days!
Let’s play catch up on this week 🙂

Tuesday-Wednesday we went to Medgidia where we worked with a local church, and community center helping with children! Some of our students went to work at a Turkish Church where they helped students with their school homework, and enjoyed quality time with the children!
The other part of our group stayed at the community center where we got to help the students get ready for school, and feed them breakfast, and helped with other activities. It was a phenomenal experience, which we all got something out of it! God is good!
We left there wednesday afternoon, and traveled to the Black Sea which was also an awesome experience!

We did projects around the center, the guys worked in the attic, and outside cleaned up around the building. The girls helped in the Kitchen, and cleaning around the center.
Thursday night we had youth group where one of our students got to preach her testimony with the teenagers. We then got to eat pizza with the teenagers afterwards and got to know some of them which was fantastic because now we can keep remain in contact with them via facebook, and such.
After church we went out on the streets as a team, as we ministered to the homeless and handed out sandwiches. The girls had the opportunity to go down into the sewers to see where people were living, and what their lifestyles looked like. It was heart breaking to see how some people here live because they care to much about their addictions. We just need to continue to pray for them, that Jesus will rescue them from their addictions, and they can better their lives.

Friday we went and toured the Peles Castle ( which was a beautiful piece of history! We also traveled to see Draculas Castle, however we were not able to go through it because of our time, but we were able to get pictures which will be up on facebook :).

Tomorrow is our last day here,which we will be doing more touring, so stay tuned for another blog tomorrow night!! 🙂


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