Day two of Ministry..done.

We did two different church ministries today, the first one was at Gypsy Pentecostal Church where Joshua spoke. It was a phenomenal message, and the Holy Spirit definitely showed up. Jackie,Matt, and I got to share our testimonies as well. They were so welcoming, and that made us feel better about being there at their church. We then ate lunch at the pastors house where we had homemade pork and beans soup,fresh bread, and sausage and dippy eggs. It was fabulous!

We then went to the local AG church called 43, where Catalin (teen challenge director) pastors at. Our trip leader Russ shared a devotional and Stacey and I shared our testimonies. We also had the opportunity to pray for the congregation, which that in General was a great experience, so amazed ad to what Jesus Is doing!

God has opened up so many doors for us, and it’s only day two of ministry! Please keep us in prayer as we trust God will continue to open doors, and allow us to reach the hurting people of Romania. 🙂

Goodnight all,


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