First full day of Ministry.

Greetings from Romania,
We have had a full day of Ministry, definitely exhausting but very rewarding. We all are suffering from Jetlag so please pray we can get up tomorrow feeling refreshed,and go about another full day of ministry. Here is what our schedule has been like so far today:

Up for breakfast at 9AM
Chapel from 10-11:30 which is where Jim shared his testimony ,Shelby shared her fruits of the spirit (Love), and Stacey shared here fruits of the Spirit (Joy).
We then did different projects where the girls helped make lunch, and the guys unloaded the attic and got rid of old electronics like computers.
Enjoyed another home cooked meal for lunch
Relaxed for twenty minutes and left to go to out reached in the city.

We split up into two groups, one where the guys went into the city and did street ministry, which consisted of handing sandwiches, sharing the Gospel, and even went into the sewers. The sewers were filled with families,men, and needles. The guys said it was so heartbreaking to see those men, and families down there living. But it was said that each of them enjoyed the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the lost.

The girls did an outreach at a church in Bucharest, with the ministry called Glittr. Where it is a group that meets once a month for girls to get away from life and fellowship in Christ with other believers. Ashley spoke tonight about healing, and we believe it went well.

We have a busy day tomorrow , where one of our students Josh will be preaching at church service tomorrow so please keep him in prayers, as he brings the word of God to broken people in Romania. We will be in Giurgiu tomorrow morning, and by tomorrow evening be back in Bucharest doing another church serivce.

After the services we went to dinner out, and now we are all heading to bed because we are exuasted.

Thanks for having patience with me for not updating everyday! It is cray busy, but until let time, have a great night.


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